Social Media Marketing Strategy

What is called Social media marketing & why should I do it?

Social media marketing is all about promoting your product or service in social media sites like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, etc. Almost 2 in 3 Indians who have smartphones are on some kind of social media site. The average Indian social media user spends 17 hours on the platforms each week. This makes social media strategy apt for marketing.

These social media also have huge data on their customers their interests, education, profession, location, etc these data can be very useful for us to target our specific audience which makes social media very effective for conversions.

How should I market my product or service on social media?          

The very simple answer to this question is to market your product where your audience is. Though simple, this strategy is usually overlooked. One more important point is, to know what you are doing and why i.e always have a goal that is SMART specific, measurable, Attainable, Relevant, and time-bound.

The next quest that hits our mind is,

How do i set goals for my marketing strategy?

One of the best ways of understanding your Marketing goals is asking questions to your self and people who are related to the process. The basic questioner may be like

  • why do you want to be on social media?
  • who is your target audience?
  • what do you plan to offer?
  • How do you plan to offer?
  • Where do you plan to offer?
  • what is the ideal time to offer?

Remember in terms of return of investment (ROI) reaching 500 potential clients is far better than reaching 5000 random audiences.

The true understanding of social media marketing comes with an understanding of the various users of the predominant social media sites and how to get their attention. The strategy for different industry is different so is for different social media platforms.

Where should I market my product or service?

There are many social media sites and new ones are popping up fast. As far as the Indian market is considered Facebook is the king of social media marketing strategy. Having said that many social media sites like Instagram are fast eating into the Facebook market share.

With the availability of cheap high-speed internet everywhere the usage of video as marketing means has gained huge popularity. The video format of marketing is dominated by youtube and many social media sites like tik tok are growing in popularity.

Now let us take a small peek into the users analysis of popular social media sites

  1. Facebook:- As per Statista Facebook has 2498 million active users the highest number hence its best for b2c customers. You can focus on customized audience here.
  2. Linkedin:- Just like Facebook is ideal for b2c customers linked in is ideal for b2b customers. It has professional details and demographics of millions of users.
  3. Twitters:- If you have a business, book, or product that impresses youngsters then twitter is your ideal. Remember you have to tell your story in 140 characters.
  4. Pinterest:- Majority of the Pinterest users are females hence ladies based products are ideal for Pinterest. Pinterest can also be a gold mine for business who can advertise their products in Picture formats like restaurants and interior designers.

Apart from these, there are general sites like Wikipedia and quora which can be effective in building trust for the brand. Google reviews are also an important factor in customer engagement.

The important point to remember is that social media is a double-edged sword lots of negativity in social media can also destroy the brand reputation.

What social media marketing strategy should I employ to increase the sales?

The time tested marketing strategy for sales is the sales funnel. The funnel is a cyclic process of sales which can be repeated switching the targeted audience. The Funnel strategy is not recommended for brands that are extremely popular and have fixed products or services.

  Initial/ reconsideration of brands

  To understand the funnel we must first understand the customer’s journey to purchasing.

SMM-sales cycle

The cycle begins when customer decides he wants something. Then he considers all known brands and compares the value they provide along with how cost effective the product or service is. Then customer checks if the offers, payment options, shipping charges and feasibility. Then sale is completed. Customer uses the product and if he like he will come back for more.

There is also another cycle of sale we contact the customer offering them with our product or service which will make their life or work simpler. Example an app that keeps track of all the ads that we run on various social media platforms for various accounts can be very useful. 

The marketing strategy is capitalizing customers on each stage and converting them into loyal customers.


The funnel strategy usually consist of three stages

SMM-Sales Funnel

Brand Awareness Campaign

 Marketing strategy begins with customers considering various brands for their purchase if we want customers to consider our brand for their purchase they must be aware of its existence, This is where the brand awareness campaign comes in. The sole aim of this campaign is to take the brand name to as many relevant audiences as possible.

Customers are looking for answers for their problems or interested in something that can provide value.  and they will be interested in your campaign if they get some value from it.

 Brand Consideration Campaign

The next step is converting these interested clients to potential clients. Our next aim must be to give these customers reason for using our product. The more powerful the reason more conversions occur.

Remember even at this stage do not push for sales. We are only trying to give reason for using our product or service. At this stage we can also state our competencies our strengths along with the value we provide, but don’t overdo it.

Sales Campaign

Now that we have given enough reasons for customers to buy our product or service, we can now push for sales. Remember always give the easiest path for the sale. Call to action is the most important aspect of such campaign.

Audience selection is another important aspect, we have to choose our audience carefully, Retargeting the audience who interacted for your brand awareness campaign is also a good strategy.

Once the sale is completed provide the customer with best of products or services along with good customer care. Because satisfied customers are the best promoters and they keep coming for more.

How to own the best digital marketing company in Chennai

How to own the best digital marketing company in Chennai

This blog is for a new entrepreneur with a minimum budget but has a goal and vision to create the best digital marketing company.


Its every new digital marketer’s dream is to own a company which is the best in its location.

Mine started few years back and the dream started to sprout when I purchased my first domain in December 2019.

Now that’s not long and you could question my authority over the subject but let me tell you that I compensate my in-experience as a someone who entirely runs the business with lots of corporate experience as an employee.

Digital marketing like all other business require patience and self-motivation. Being a startup remember it takes time create a brand name unless you have enough money to keep promoting your business through paid ads.


Remember before starting a new company we should make sure we have the expertise in the domain.

In digital marketing you should first decide on the area you need to cover as your core market. Its based on this that we will SEO our content.

Once you have decided over the area, you want to cover check for potential customers and competitors. Usually both go hand in hand more the customers more the competition.

Check how many visitors your competitors are receiving. Don’t get disheartened if the numbers are low remember there are always new customer who you can convert.

If you really think the number of customers is low, change your location if needed.

Remember the possibility of sale conversion increases several folds when you have a direct contact with the customer and it will be easy for you to meet and convince clients in your locality.

Come up with a catchy name logo and a tag line for the company. These should be chosen very carefully as these are the identities of your company which you will be promotion.


Choose a domain name that is catchy and is not like any other digital marketing company.

Choose a web hosting company than can host your website. The best web hosting company I can refer is hostsoch

HostSoch Web Hosting

Host soch provides many features like

  • Free Domain Name For Life
  • Free Domain Privacy Protection
  • Unlimited Space, Email & Bandwidth
  • 99.9% Uptime Guarantee
  • Free SSL Certificate
  • 1-CLICK Script Installs
  • Starting @ Only 149/Month

Choosing a web hosting company and server can be a difficult task for a no technical person I found this Piece of work which explains in depth the process.

Populate your site with most enticing content with each page for the various services that you offer.

Create a page for your contact details so that the customer can reach you. Also include a blog page for your site so that you can increase the search volume for your site.

Once your site is live and kicking time to do the most important aspect, the SEO for the site.

You can learn all about doing SEO for your site here. If you are new and want an expert to look into it you can contact me here


Register your site in the google my business page, verify your address and phone number. Check whether your site is listed in google.

To check if your site is properly checked by bots register in google search console.

Create pages for all the social media for your site namely Facebook, Instagram twitter LinkedIn and Quora.

You can create a what’s up button on your Facebook page.

You can also promote your site by paid ads to increase your CTR.

Don’t forget to keep updating your content and post social media posts.

Then wait for the call from your customers. Put up the best pitch forward so that a confidence is created in the customer.

Deliver on time. Make profits …

How to write seo friendly blog posts

seo friendly blog posts

Blogs have become a craze as an alternate source of income. Blogging also increases the volume of traffic to your website. With increase in number of bloggers online, the pressure to create best of blogs is ever increasing. The key to create a good blog post is not only creating blog with good content but also creating content i.e seo friendly blog posts, your job does not just end there you must also promote your blog so that your masterpiece reaches the correct audience.

If you are new to SEO. Don’t be alarmed by the SEO jargons used if any. I have tried to make the article as simple as possible and if you don’t have the time to spent on SEO all you can do is hire a seo company to do the job at a marginal price.

When I started my journey of digital marketing SEO was a very simple the competition was very less,Now bringing a site or blog in a highly competitive niche to number one in SERP is herculean task.

SEO is all about learning from mistakes there are always some new technique to improve the ranking some work some will not. But there are time-tested techniques which remain relevant for all times I wanted to share some time-tested aspects that are must for your site or blog.

Key word hunting

Keyword hunting is the key part of SEO most of your SEO technique revolves around the Keywords for which you want to compete with your business rivals. Key word basically is the words your customers use to find the service or product on search engines like google.

Example if you run a travel agency in a city say Coimbatore, Tamil Naduso your key word cold be “travel agency in Coimbatore, Tamil Nadu”but there are few tourist places in Coimbatore compared to Ooty which is around 80Km from Coimbatore. If you want to cash in on Ooty your keywords must include Ooty

Similarly, when we are planning on keywords we must always try to cash in on the maximus search volume with least competition.

Engaging content

The best tip for writing a super-hot blog post is provide an engaging content. What is engaging content?

Engaging content are those which provide either some value, Value can be some brand-new idea or some joke to relax the mind. Google recognizes engaging content by bounce rate. When a visitor comes to our site and leaves it immediately or keeps searching for other sites after vising ours google concludes that either our site has incomplete data or irrelevant data. This is not 100% applicable for business sites where customers can visit all the sites just to get an idea about the market value. In this situation the ranking of the page is based on conversions. Conversions can be query regarding the product/Service or sales.

Technological aspect

Thera can be several technological aspects to website which can affect its SEO ranking.

a. Server location

The location of the server can be a great deciding factor in your seo ranking if you buy a server halfway around the world then the time taken to load the page will be high and this will affect the SEO ranking.

b. Compatibility

The site’s compatibility with mobile tabs and other gadgets also influence the SEO ranking. Sitemaps and robot.txt are also been time tested part of the SEO ranking. Regular updating of these are crucial for improving the ranking. We should also check for scroll errors.

c. Customer support for the site

Getting a hosting with best customer service is also very important. Our site is bound to get errors in the future, and it can be down until we notice The availability of 24/7 support can be very useful.Security is also at most important our servers must be well protected from hackers.

d. Site structure

Having perfect and unique titles, metatags,H1 tags and URLs structure for the page baseontarget key word is mandatory for the SEO ranking. We should also take care of keyword density. Keyword dumping in an article can severely impact its SEO score. 

e. Image optimization

We should also use optimized images for our sites as image with high resolution can be heavy and images with low resolution can be blurry.

f. Search engine visibility

Getting your page indexed by google and other search enginesis important for page’s visibility.

g. Security

Always use HTTPS site as google believe HTTPS sites over HTTP sites

h. Blogger post title.

Your blogger post title and home page titlemust always have same meaning.

h. Format comment section

The Comment section should be no-followed and moderated to avoid spam comments.

Broken &Back links

Having good quality backlinks can alter the domain authority of our site to new heights. Having internal links within the site improves isas important as it may be for our sites to have backlinks our site should not have broken links. Broken links portrays lack of updating of our sites. Broken links are also an opportunity for our competitors to gain links for their sites.

In the beginning there were n number of sites that are ready to offer backlinks for your site for free or for a price and marketers we are using these to improve their serp results. Google nowadays not only does not consider irrelevant backlines but also marks them down.

The anchoring text to which the hyper link is connected also plays a pivotal role. It should be relevant to the page to which it is hyperlinked

Mandatory tools and plugins

The important tools to be installed

1 Google Tag Manager

2. Google Search Console

3. Google Analytics

4. Yoast SEO

How to Do Facebook Marketing

How to Do Facebook Marketing

Make a business page

The key step in doing Facebook Marketing is creating a business page. Facebook enables you to make a business page for your clients to proceed with a functioning relationship, giving normal updates and offers.

Type your business page name, business telephone number, site address, and email address in the necessary fields.

Include data in the “About,” “Long depiction,” and “Items” fields about your business foundation, crucial, administrations, clients, offers, highlights,

Transfer a logo for your business on your page profile photograph and set a spread photograph publicizing your items or administrations.

Welcome your companions and clients routinely

Advance your business page

A large number of individuals by utilizing the paid component of Facebook page.

Snap on the “Bits of knowledge” tab on the upper left corner to survey your page and post likes, visits, guest commitment, and other fundamental information.

Set up your offer page. Type the “Title” and “Portrayal” of your idea in the necessary fields by tapping on the containers.

Making a Business Community Group

Publicizing Using Facebook Marketing Ads

You can make and dispatch advertisements to visit your business page, site, or occasions, and get new clients locked in.

It is a paid element of Facebook marketing to promote your business before your focused on crowd.

You can transfer up to six pictures for an advertisement.

Type your business advertisement message underneath the menu “Content and Links” to offer your clients an item or administration.

In the Ad Setting, you have to include your focused on clients or crowd’s area, age, sex, language, interests, and association types. Look down your promotion arrangement page and choose your inclinations under the “Crowd” menu.

On “Record and Campaign” menu, you need to choose your nation, installment strategy, promotion spending plan, and timetable. Snap on the choice and select your inclination starting from the drop menu.

Hit “Spot request” to dispatch your paid advertisement. And your Facebook marketing ad is on its way to your leads

Simple Internet Marketing Funnel

Simple Internet Marketing Funnel

This article shows Internet marketing funnel by using lead generation campaign

Create an attractive website

Hire a professional web designer to create a attractive and SEO friendly website.

The thought behind increasing the value of your site is that individuals who become every day clients are substantially more prone to likewise become customers.

If you don’t sell a product yourself, you can become an affiliate marketer and post affiliate ads on your website. If you do sell a product, a daily user will have a chance to see more of your offers/products and buy them.

Lead generate system

Invest in simple lead capture software or programming. You can have a landing page that captures the data, or you can sign up for a system that tracks your user’s accounts once they sign in. this information can be used for further information

Next you ought to pick 5 to 10 different ways to get the consideration of your objective socioeconomics. Some regular Internet lead catch systems are Facebook, Twitter and YouTube accounts, visitor web journals, site design improvement (SEO)/web search tools, article registries, online advertisements, associate advertisers and the sky is the limit from there.

Define the valuable product or service you can offer to get the client to sign up.

Setup Internet Marketing Funnel

Begin using all 5 to 10 lead gathering strategies at once, Use website links that have embedded web analytic codes. You can do this through your website provider or with a free Google Analytics account. so you can track your most successful lead gathering strategies.

Have someone examine the ratio of visitors to your page, versus how many people enter their contact information to get access to content. A high percentage means you are targeting your demographic well, and should continue to offer similar content. A low percentage means you need to invest more in adding value to the free content or service you are offering.

Use Email Marketing

Target your offers by giving your leads emails that suggest similar products or services as what they signed up to see. These communications bring leads back to your website in order to convert them to customers. Re-Targeting is the key for Internet market funnel.

How to Start Digital Marketing

How to Start Digital Marketing

Research search terms

The first important step to start digital marketing for any site is its On page SEO. It all begins with finding keywords or catchphrases for your niche. you can find the key words relevant to your niche from free tools available in the market like Uber-suggest by Neil Patel.Always choose key words with high volume and less competition.

Optimize website

A URL is the location of a site page. Perhaps the most ideal approaches to embed keywords into your site is to placed them into the URLs.This helps in increasing the SEO of the page. In the event that you utilize an increasingly wide catchphrase, your page may not show up in explicit hunts from individuals.

The second part of optimizing a website is making it compatible with all devise be it mobile, Desktop or Tab. Google bots always give emphasis for compact-ability.

The third and most important aspect is social media presence.Create accounts for all secial media sites and give back links to these pages form your site.

Get feedback from your clients to shape your promoting message.

Meta tags

A title tag is the name of the site page connect that shows up in a query item from an internet searcher.

A meta depiction is the 2-3 line short portrayal under the title label that you can see when you run a Google search.

Content of your website

Attempt to utilize the catchphrases applicable to your business as regularly as you can on your site. That incorporates any item portrayals, blog entries, and page titles. Be that as it may, be cautious not fall into “watchword stuffing” which makes your page look amateurish and malicious.

Content promoting is an advertising methodology that includes the creation and sharing of online materials like internet based life posts, pictures, recordings, and blog entries to animate enthusiasm for a brand. As opposed to pitching your items or administrations,

content showcasing tries to procure the trust of your crowd, which will bring about more prominent deals and web traffic for your business.

Establish your audience

Research information for the socio- economics you intend to target. Use investigation from internet based life, email showcasing efforts, and statistical surveying to discover the premiums

Choosing the right audience might be the most difficult thing to do after SEO in the Digital marketing

Make quality substance to use in your promoting endeavors

Promoting on Social Media

Probably the best thing about promoting via web-based networking media stages is the amount you can redo what crowd will see your commercials.

You can focus by classes like age, area, sex, interests, even individuals’ web search history.

Email Marketing

Email showcasing alludes to the utilization of email to advance your business.

The return of investment (ROI) with email advertising is high since you can just send messages to individuals who have furnished you with their email address, and are accordingly prone to be keen on your items and administrations.

These are the few steps to begin the process of digital marketing of your site.Remember Marketing is never a static process nor it is one time process. you have to keep updating yourself and your site do off page SEO ifyou have to stay relevant.I wish you all the very best in your future endeavors. Thanks for spending time on my blog.