How to own the best digital marketing company in Chennai

This blog is for a new entrepreneur with a minimum budget but has a goal and vision to create the best digital marketing company.


Its every new digital marketer’s dream is to own a company which is the best in its location.

Mine started few years back and the dream started to sprout when I purchased my first domain in December 2019.

Now that’s not long and you could question my authority over the subject but let me tell you that I compensate my in-experience as a someone who entirely runs the business with lots of corporate experience as an employee.

Digital marketing like all other business require patience and self-motivation. Being a startup remember it takes time create a brand name unless you have enough money to keep promoting your business through paid ads.


Remember before starting a new company we should make sure we have the expertise in the domain.

In digital marketing you should first decide on the area you need to cover as your core market. Its based on this that we will SEO our content.

Once you have decided over the area, you want to cover check for potential customers and competitors. Usually both go hand in hand more the customers more the competition.

Check how many visitors your competitors are receiving. Don’t get disheartened if the numbers are low remember there are always new customer who you can convert.

If you really think the number of customers is low, change your location if needed.

Remember the possibility of sale conversion increases several folds when you have a direct contact with the customer and it will be easy for you to meet and convince clients in your locality.

Come up with a catchy name logo and a tag line for the company. These should be chosen very carefully as these are the identities of your company which you will be promotion.


Choose a domain name that is catchy and is not like any other digital marketing company.

Choose a web hosting company than can host your website. The best web hosting company I can refer is hostsoch

HostSoch Web Hosting

Host soch provides many features like

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Choosing a web hosting company and server can be a difficult task for a no technical person I found this Piece of work which explains in depth the process.

Populate your site with most enticing content with each page for the various services that you offer.

Create a page for your contact details so that the customer can reach you. Also include a blog page for your site so that you can increase the search volume for your site.

Once your site is live and kicking time to do the most important aspect, the SEO for the site.

You can learn all about doing SEO for your site here. If you are new and want an expert to look into it you can contact me here


Register your site in the google my business page, verify your address and phone number. Check whether your site is listed in google.

To check if your site is properly checked by bots register in google search console.

Create pages for all the social media for your site namely Facebook, Instagram twitter LinkedIn and Quora.

You can create a what’s up button on your Facebook page.

You can also promote your site by paid ads to increase your CTR.

Don’t forget to keep updating your content and post social media posts.

Then wait for the call from your customers. Put up the best pitch forward so that a confidence is created in the customer.

Deliver on time. Make profits …