seo friendly blog posts

Blogs have become a craze as an alternate source of income. Blogging also increases the volume of traffic to your website. With increase in number of bloggers online, the pressure to create best of blogs is ever increasing. The key to create a good blog post is not only creating blog with good content but also creating content i.e seo friendly blog posts, your job does not just end there you must also promote your blog so that your masterpiece reaches the correct audience.

If you are new to SEO. Don’t be alarmed by the SEO jargons used if any. I have tried to make the article as simple as possible and if you don’t have the time to spent on SEO all you can do is hire a seo company to do the job at a marginal price.

When I started my journey of digital marketing SEO was a very simple the competition was very less,Now bringing a site or blog in a highly competitive niche to number one in SERP is herculean task.

SEO is all about learning from mistakes there are always some new technique to improve the ranking some work some will not. But there are time-tested techniques which remain relevant for all times I wanted to share some time-tested aspects that are must for your site or blog.

Key word hunting

Keyword hunting is the key part of SEO most of your SEO technique revolves around the Keywords for which you want to compete with your business rivals. Key word basically is the words your customers use to find the service or product on search engines like google.

Example if you run a travel agency in a city say Coimbatore, Tamil Naduso your key word cold be “travel agency in Coimbatore, Tamil Nadu”but there are few tourist places in Coimbatore compared to Ooty which is around 80Km from Coimbatore. If you want to cash in on Ooty your keywords must include Ooty

Similarly, when we are planning on keywords we must always try to cash in on the maximus search volume with least competition.

Engaging content

The best tip for writing a super-hot blog post is provide an engaging content. What is engaging content?

Engaging content are those which provide either some value, Value can be some brand-new idea or some joke to relax the mind. Google recognizes engaging content by bounce rate. When a visitor comes to our site and leaves it immediately or keeps searching for other sites after vising ours google concludes that either our site has incomplete data or irrelevant data. This is not 100% applicable for business sites where customers can visit all the sites just to get an idea about the market value. In this situation the ranking of the page is based on conversions. Conversions can be query regarding the product/Service or sales.

Technological aspect

Thera can be several technological aspects to website which can affect its SEO ranking.

a. Server location

The location of the server can be a great deciding factor in your seo ranking if you buy a server halfway around the world then the time taken to load the page will be high and this will affect the SEO ranking.

b. Compatibility

The site’s compatibility with mobile tabs and other gadgets also influence the SEO ranking. Sitemaps and robot.txt are also been time tested part of the SEO ranking. Regular updating of these are crucial for improving the ranking. We should also check for scroll errors.

c. Customer support for the site

Getting a hosting with best customer service is also very important. Our site is bound to get errors in the future, and it can be down until we notice The availability of 24/7 support can be very useful.Security is also at most important our servers must be well protected from hackers.

d. Site structure

Having perfect and unique titles, metatags,H1 tags and URLs structure for the page baseontarget key word is mandatory for the SEO ranking. We should also take care of keyword density. Keyword dumping in an article can severely impact its SEO score. 

e. Image optimization

We should also use optimized images for our sites as image with high resolution can be heavy and images with low resolution can be blurry.

f. Search engine visibility

Getting your page indexed by google and other search enginesis important for page’s visibility.

g. Security

Always use HTTPS site as google believe HTTPS sites over HTTP sites

h. Blogger post title.

Your blogger post title and home page titlemust always have same meaning.

h. Format comment section

The Comment section should be no-followed and moderated to avoid spam comments.

Broken &Back links

Having good quality backlinks can alter the domain authority of our site to new heights. Having internal links within the site improves isas important as it may be for our sites to have backlinks our site should not have broken links. Broken links portrays lack of updating of our sites. Broken links are also an opportunity for our competitors to gain links for their sites.

In the beginning there were n number of sites that are ready to offer backlinks for your site for free or for a price and marketers we are using these to improve their serp results. Google nowadays not only does not consider irrelevant backlines but also marks them down.

The anchoring text to which the hyper link is connected also plays a pivotal role. It should be relevant to the page to which it is hyperlinked

Mandatory tools and plugins

The important tools to be installed

1 Google Tag Manager

2. Google Search Console

3. Google Analytics

4. Yoast SEO