PPC Advertising Company Chennai

Pay per click (PPC) is a branch of SEM. Digital AJRA is the best PPC advertising company in Chennai Tamil Nadu, We understand that audience is the the most important key for the PPC success of any PPC ads. We individually analyse each of our customers and search for the unique key word for their PPC.

PPC advertising company

The pay per click adds generally refers to ads displayed in any site. Here we has to pay the publisher based on the clicks the ads have received. The PPC ads can be setup in any website but the market is dominated by Google search page followed by other social media pages.

Google Ads Experts

Since we are the best PPC advertising company we naturally are best at google ads. The greatest advantage of Google ads is its high customization. we can have multiple reasons for promoting the business site. Some of our common goals of promotions are

  1. Sales
  2. Leads
  3. Website Traffic
  4. Brand-awareness and reach
  5. App promotions

Among the above ad goals the most common used ad is the lead generation ads. Since lead generation ads are in demand and efficient its costlier than other ads.

Google ads
Machine learning and human brain

Lead generator Ads Chennai

Website visits Phone calls, Shop visits etc are various means of Lead generation. Different means have different purpose. If we want to introduce the customer to various services we provide, We choose the outcome of ad as site visits. If we want to bring customer to our site we choose shop visits. Direct phone calls from customers are the most effective leads.

Lead generation

Call only ads

Call only ads in google ads is where the final outcome of the ad lets the customer call the advertise. Such ads can appear only on devises that can make phone calls. Call Only ads is best for b2b and b2c lead generation. The best part of call only leads is that they do not provide random leads they provide leads that are interested in your product or service. Even though the call only ads are costly they provide leads that have most conversions. The call only cads helps people in many sectors namely

  1. Finance companies
  2. Real estate sector
  3. Insurance agency
  4. Marketing agencies