This article shows Internet marketing funnel by using lead generation campaign

Create an attractive website

Hire a professional web designer to create a attractive and SEO friendly website.

The thought behind increasing the value of your site is that individuals who become every day clients are substantially more prone to likewise become customers.

If you don’t sell a product yourself, you can become an affiliate marketer and post affiliate ads on your website. If you do sell a product, a daily user will have a chance to see more of your offers/products and buy them.

Lead generate system

Invest in simple lead capture software or programming. You can have a landing page that captures the data, or you can sign up for a system that tracks your user’s accounts once they sign in. this information can be used for further information

Next you ought to pick 5 to 10 different ways to get the consideration of your objective socioeconomics. Some regular Internet lead catch systems are Facebook, Twitter and YouTube accounts, visitor web journals, site design improvement (SEO)/web search tools, article registries, online advertisements, associate advertisers and the sky is the limit from there.

Define the valuable product or service you can offer to get the client to sign up.

Setup Internet Marketing Funnel

Begin using all 5 to 10 lead gathering strategies at once, Use website links that have embedded web analytic codes. You can do this through your website provider or with a free Google Analytics account. so you can track your most successful lead gathering strategies.

Have someone examine the ratio of visitors to your page, versus how many people enter their contact information to get access to content. A high percentage means you are targeting your demographic well, and should continue to offer similar content. A low percentage means you need to invest more in adding value to the free content or service you are offering.

Use Email Marketing

Target your offers by giving your leads emails that suggest similar products or services as what they signed up to see. These communications bring leads back to your website in order to convert them to customers. Re-Targeting is the key for Internet market funnel.